Saturday 16 February 2013

Saturday 16th

 Hello everyone and a happy Saturday to you. The sun shone here today and the birds sang, it was good.

It's been a long, hard day today, I started work early and finished very late. For the first time in months, the feeling of excitement about making pots seems to have started to come back. I'd forgotten what this feels like, I like it, I like it a lot. I haven't seen the workshop as busy as this for ages.

I had to decorate a lot of bowls today. I would guess that this one is about 9" wide, maybe a little more, here's the inside...
and this is the outside.
I've enjoyed using the comb on these, I like the rhythm of the pattern on this bowl.
There are bowls everywhere in the workshop at the moment, all different types and sizes. Hopefully I'll get some of each through successfully, it'll give me a good range of scale and form.
more bowls
and more.
As well as making pots to send to Japan, I'm also making pots for an exhibition in Berwick at the end of March. These tapered jugs are 7 lb and the big fat ones, 11.5 lbs.
I made more 3 lb jars and lids today. I'm going to make some smaller ones tomorrow for Tokyo and maybe a couple of quite large ones for the Berwick show.

Plates, teapots, mugs, cups and beakers still to go, so more long days ahead.

Well, not much of a blog post, but I'm dead beat and I'm writing this in bed and dozing off because I'm exhausted. I am however, very excited, as the slip is starting to flow again in my veins. I'll sleep well, tired, fulfilled and happy, hurrah.

Goodnight all


Dennis Allen said...

Just go back out there tomorrow and do it again. Glad to hear you are enjoying it again.

Tracey Broome said...

Doug you sound great and your work looks great! Very inspiring to hear you say you are making all sizes of bowls, because I have been doing the same and feeling a bit like I'm all over the place. I'm just going with it though!

Hollis Engley said...

Looks like great work, Doug. I love the fresh combing through the slip. No sun here on Cape Cod today; big snow blowing around out there now.

Lindsey said...


Anna M. Branner said...

Not much of a blog post???? BAH! What a productive day! I too love that combing.

ShellHawk said...

I've never done any work with slip. I know you apply it to leather hard clay; do you do a second firing with a clear glaze over it?

Are you using a porcelain slip with a stoneware clay?

klineola said...


I agree with Anna B. great to see what's happening in your world.

Rest up. 2morrow is another big day!

Sandy Miller said...

So good to read the excitement in your blog! Work looks great! Cheers!

smokieclennell said...

The cold of winter does slow us down.