Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Thank you for your words of support and encouragement, I appreciate your comments very much. I'm beginning to have a bit more belief in myself that I can do this exhibition and maybe even get to Tokyo on my own, without getting lost forever. The production in next couple of weeks will be crucial.

Different Dave came by yesterday and rehung the workshop doors.

They've been off since we put the concrete down, so the front of the building has been open to the elements.

It was good to see progress there, I haven't had time to do anything more towards the building project lately and it'll be a little bit at a time for the foreseeable future, but it will get finished eventually and having the doors back on is great and a big step towards making it weatherproof. Dave will be back on Thursday when we're going to make the roof watertight.

It's been busy in the workshop, I worked a long day yesterday. Finger wiped dribbly slip - maybe a bit too dribbly in this instance.

A finger wiped shallow dish
I've tried to mix up the decoration a bit, keeping it simple. I used to make sets of things, but these are each different.
Freshly thrown bowls - I'm going to make lots of these in a range of sizes, decorate them freely and select the most successful.
Here are some little jugs that came through the kiln this week. I'm really pleased with the little one on the left and I'm going to keep it. I rarely keep my own pots.
This little jug is about 6" tall
More finished pots. I took a load to my photographer's place yesterday to be photographed professionally for the exhibition catalogue. I'll post the images later when I get them, my snapshots never really show the pots off in their best light.

I'm off to Bath today to visit my older son Luke who is at art college. I'll take him out for dinner and feed him up a bit as I'm sure he's not eating properly and then I'm going to model for him for a portrait he wants to paint of 'an old person' - charming. I've not seen him for a few weeks so I'm really looking forward to that.

Right, I'd better get myself moving and on that motorway. Have a good day everybody. 


Dennis Allen said...

Boots on, then one foot in front of the other. Glad things are improving.

klineola said...

I must have missed the firing, or are you going electric?

We used to have a sign over the entrance to the pottery shop that read, "When in doubt, make pots!" I still believe that.

The freshly slipped pot, still, after all these years, is such a beautiful sight. How can this be? It must be love.

Keep on, Doug! and have a great time with Mr. Luke. Maybe you could bring a cane when you model for him? or as we call them over here, a "walker". for the old effect.

Dan Finnegan said...

Can a slip EVER be too dribbley?

klineola said...

What Dan said!!

Actually, I DON'T like it when my bisque slip runs in funny ways when I spin and shake. The bisque absorbs fast and the dribbly look isn't so great. But that's bisque. It's not the most pleasant to work with anyway!

Emma said...

small jugs good - we talked about cereal milk jugs before, so glad you are doing some wee ones now. I am secretly hoping you make a whole rack of mugs and leave some in the UK ....

Ron said...

Nice to see those bowls. Love all you are doing and esp. the small jugs.

ang design said...

awww 6" a.....seriously gorgeous :)) mmmm hope the modelling went well .... could be a new passtime....