Sunday 23 September 2012


We delivered Luke to University yesterday. The car was full up with books and guitars and tins of food, a nervous Luke, a curious younger brother(his time is yet to come) and two sad but proud parents.

How times have changed since I was a student, his room is bigger than his bedroom at home and has an en-suite shower and loo - whatever happened to not washing for three years? It so was wonderful to see him meeting his new house mates for the first time, he's such a sweet young man.

I had a message from him this morning to say that the place is amazing and that his new friends are all 'cool'.

Off to work later with Marky Mark. I had some pressed dishes out of the kiln on Friday that worked well, I'll try and get a little film up later to show you.


cookingwithgas said...

It's bitter-sweet and yet, a new chapter for you all.

Hollis Engley said...

That kid-delivery thing for the first time is a real milestone in all your lives. You'll all love it.

doug Fitch said...

Yes,it's a strange feeling. I know he's going to make me a proud dad :) I hope all is good with you guys

Susan said...

We took our daughter last week. There have been tears on both sides, but we know that she's a wonderful, caring, and brave girl, and we are so proud of her.