Sunday 19 August 2012


I went to work yesterday and spent many hours sticking little rolls of clay on to some of the jugs that I made last week, whilst listening to Exeter City's crushing defeat on the radio - I'm glad I didn't go now! 
Quite a few jugs are still tucked away under polythene, awaiting decoration. I'll work a long day tomorrow and try to get as many as I can all finished up. I'd like to throw the next batch of pots on Tuesday -this will be a number of larger, one off pieces, for a forthcoming exhibition with painter Adam Milford.
A five pound fat jug and a tapered seven pound jug.

I'm having the day off today. Perhaps Hil and I will take a trip to the seaside this afternoon if the sun keeps on a'shining.

Happy Sunday everybody, catch you tomorrow.


Hollis Engley said...

It can't be any worse than your Boston Red Sox have been this year, Doug. Nice jugs, my friend.

Quietly Otaku said...

With our unpredictable English weather its best to grab sunny afternoons when they come! Beautiful jugs : )