Friday 17 August 2012

Friday handlage

Evening all. It's been a day of handle making today, slightly subdued due to the ill effects of last night's cider. I had a lovely birthday, I'm feeling my age tonight though!
Here are jugs in three sizes - the ones on the shelf are made from 5lbs of clay, the round ones beneath, 3lbs and the tapered ones, 7lbs. I'll try and decorate them all differently. Throwing the pots is pretty quick, it's the handling and decorating that takes the time. I think I'll probably work tomorrow, even though it's the weekend. I've a lot to do, with a number of commitments approaching in September, so I need to get these pots decorated and fired as quickly as I can.
The football season starts tomorrow and although I'm not a great sports fan, I do like to follow my local team, Exeter City.  I really enjoy working on a Saturday afternoon, while listening to the match on the radio, so maybe I'll do that - or maybe I'll go and watch it, then feel guilty for not going to work, just like I did yesterday.

Happy weekend everybody


Dan Finnegan said...

A tidy workshop and another rainy day...nice!

Mr. Young said...

You make it look so easy to pull a handle! I still haven't got that skill down yet... I just roll them and flatten them out.
Glad you had a good Birthday celebration!

Unknown said...

great stuff.. the ducks are so sweet ..

Hollis Engley said...

Nice jugs, Doug. And a belated happy birthday to you. Good luck to Exeter City this season.