Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hello again

Hello all!

Here's a picture, just in case you've forgotten what I look like, it's been a long time.

Thank you for all the stuff you said about that jug on my last post, it came out pretty well, I was very happy with it.

Well I'm still having terrible problems with my useless computer, so whether this'll work, remains to be seen.

I wrote a massive post with lots of pics the other day and when I tried to upload it, the computer crashed, I lost it all, cursed a lot, then gave up in disgust, just short of taking a hammer to my pc - if this doesn't work, tonight might just be the night.

Anyway, all is good here, the pots are coming along and the workshop's painted up and weatherproof.

I just spent a few days in Cornwall looking after my mate Andrew's dog while he was away.

This was the view at sunset from outside his house on Sunday night.

Yesterday, he helped me bring home one of Michael Cardew's kickwheels, which is now installed in my workshop. I'm so pleased with it. Michael Cardew is one of the biggest influences on the way that I make pots, so it's a great thrill to own his wheel.

Here's the man himself, doing his thing back in the early 80's.

The old harvest jug he's holding in this film clip is a beauty, even with its flaking glaze.

Right, I'm off to the Half Moon for a pint of cider with my mate Clarkey, cheers for now my dears!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

workshop, you and your pots looking excellent alright :)

Craig Edwards said...

A lovely post! Glad that all is well. It was snowing here this morning.

ang design said...

ooh new trellisy bit...may your computer go to a happy place in the sky and lovely ebayers give me a break and stop outbidding me..doug needs a 'new' puter!!!! cheers big boy..

Peter said...

It will be a huge thrill to have the wheel installed and working, lovely for you. The new painted up extension looks great. Looking forward to looking at the Cardew video.

James H said...

Hi Doug,

I think its time to bite the bullet and invest in a new pc! I had to do the same thing last week! PC World - Acer 5536 £379!
At one point whilst in the shop I broke out in a cold sweat and shivers! I thought was coming down with swine flu! I soon realised it was just the reality of spending money.
p.s. I don't think that jug is a kingwood btw - never mind! worth a punt!

Anonymous said...

hi doug... that's a great picture of you. you should use it on a show poster or something. i'm glad i'm not the only one who gets completely covered with clay when i throw.

Robin Wood said...

Doug, thanks so much for posting that Cardew vid I have read him lots but never seen any video. Wonderful little insight and well done you for scoring his kick wheel to go with the moulds.

judsculpt said...

Doug, Thanks so much for the bowl you sent to me via Ang,it's so great to have it in my hands, Thanks.
The Harvest jug is absolutely beautiful,such beautiful work.
I know what you mean about bloody computers , I haven't been able to upload my photos either, hense just the writing on the blog at the moment.