Saturday 24 October 2009


Hello all

We're off on holiday in the morning for a week. When I get home I want to try and get this blog up and running again. It still takes ages to get my computer to work well enough to post. I know I need to buy a new one, but there's always some other bill that needs to be paid first, boo.

Here are a couple of pictures of a large harvest jug I made a while ago. It's about 15" with fingerwipe decoration.

I've been making orders recently, I'm nearly up to date with them. I'll post pictures once they've been delivered to their new owners.

Next commitment for me is a trip to to Camberwell College in London to do a talk and demo for the Craft Potters Association on 7th Nov. I don't worry too much about demoing these days, but the thought of navigating the big City is always a worry.

Following that, I have a showcase at Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery starting on 9th Nov.

In the past few days I've been completely reorganising the inside of the workshop with some racking I got from Wenford Bridge, thank you once again Mr Cardew. It's going to be a much better system - well it's going to actually have a system, there's a first for me! I hoped to get it finished before going away as I need to get straight back into making pots on my return for a show in Exeter at the end of Nov.

Well that's all for now, there's lots more to report, but I need to go to bed as we've a six hour drive tomorrow. Take care y'all, catch you soon.

PS The film Alex McErlain and team made at my place is on Facebook, so add me as a friend if you'd like to see it.


Dan Finnegan said...

I miss your words of wisdom, Mr. Fitch. I just got a crate of things shipped from my English adventure this summer including my very own Doug Fitch harvest jug and I count myself a lucky man! It is a beauty.

ang design said...

superb mr fitch, have a lovely break and i look forward to seeing the new sort out in the workshop it's going to be fab..

Anonymous said...

beautiful jugs doug

Unknown said...

....I really should start up a service for worried potters in London...hope the talk goes well amanda x

Anna M. Branner said...

Love the jug, and the film is fantastic.

judsculpt said...

Wow beautiful jugs, Have a good break from throwing. Thanks for the lovely bowl, I portion myself popcorn in it when I buy market popcorn.

Alexandra said...

beautifull jug!!