Tuesday 23 June 2009

Pictures from the weekend

Here are a few pics from the weekend, I'll post some more later.

The assembled delegates during a demo that Paul Young and I did together.

Peter Smith, a big hero of mine

Matt demonstrating how to make oval dishes

Hannah sliptrailing.

More later, off to work now, have a lovely day everybody.


Ron said...

I'd like to know more about Peter Smith. Those pots in the foreground and the one he is holding are so rough, just my thing.

Anonymous said...

looks like great fun all the way around... would love to watch hannah work. beautiful slip work in the previous post

Anonymous said...

I've just been speaking to John Edgeler on the phone. He was telling me how entertaining Pete was. I had told him how much he would enjoy one of Petes displays. Sounds like you had a good weekend.

Hannah said...

Ah ha you did catch me then. I was probably saying "oops" just then.

Hollis Engley said...

I hear you all had a bloggers' "reunion" with Mr. Finnegan. Sounds like a busy weekend.