Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Man flu

Well the dreaded man flu has been made all the worse these last two days by triggering a migraine so I've been in a right state and have barely had my head off the pillow until now. It convinces me all the more that these migraines ar sinus related.
So no wood stacking and no potting for two days - what a bore. I'm on the mend now and will be trying to catch up tomorrow.
Here's a shot of some 'double jams' I made last week. They're based on similar items made by Cardew and Hamada in the 1930's, oh I'm so progressive. They comprise of two small jars joined together with strap handles and are an interesting challenge to make, because not only do the pots have to match, but so do the lids. I made four of these, breaking from my obsession with half dozens of items, however I managed to crack one of them, leaving just the three, the component parts being of course, six jars - I should have known better than to try and break the rules!

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Matt Grimmitt said...

V nice pots sir. Welcome to blogger, loads better for enlarging pics. Good stuff.