Thursday, 31 January 2008

Big Green Jug

No low flying aircraft today to disturb my tranquility and nobody came to take me away or confiscate my camera I'm glad to say.

I decorated the large jugs today and made some more shallow dishes, smaller than the last ones I made a couple of weeks ago. I'll do some more tomorrow. I enjoyed decorating the last ones so I'll have some fun with these and do them all different. They'll won't be ready to decorate until the middle of next week.

This evening I went to Gallery 86 in Crediton to help my mate and photographer Johnny to hang his prints for an exhibition that opens on Saturday afternoon. I really like these works, they're a series of four huge, computer manipulated images of a bird's egg. It transpired that they were too heavy to hang on the wall as the plaster was too crumbly so we couldn't do it. Johnny's going back tomorrow with different fixings.

My friend Andy Manson has some photos in the show too. He's a very well renowned guitar maker. He used to live up at Hollyford a couple of years ago when I shared the workshop with his wife Debbie. Andy makes the most beautiful instruments for the likes of Led Zepplin and The Police, an amazing craftsman and a lovely chap, it's always a pleasure to see him and Debbie, I miss them being around all the time.

Johnny gave me a disc of images that he's taken of my pots. I haven't opened it yet but when I do I'll put some on here.

Snow forecast for tomorrow, although I'll believe it when I see it, it rarely snows in Mid Devon.

Jug with combed decoration and green slip
Johnny and his huge prints.

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