Friday 10 April 2015

wedding jug number 2

 We're settling back in to work in our Scotland workshop. It's been glorious weather, hence the pots drying in the sunshine. These pots are the order that I've made three times, the last two batches failed due to a glaze flaw, which we think we may well have resolved, so we have our fingers crossed.
 Today I finished scratching this jug which will be used in the church for flowers on our wedding day.
 Hannah made the jug and I decorated it.
 There are only three weeks to go until our big day
All very exciting!


Dennis Allen said...

Fingers crossed for the glaze issue.Very happy for both of you. Can't believe the wedding is almost here.

gz said...

Hoping for good pot drying weather...we're dodging the showers today and we have a job pruning a garden