Sunday, 15 December 2013

Home and not quite dry

I'm back in my own workshop today in rainy England after my whistle-stop trip to Scotland. I didn't get in the workshop until this afternoon, but it is Sunday after all. It was good get some wet clay on the shelves so that I can start the week with positive momentum. It's difficult getting going again after time away. My dear friend Frank came over, which took the edge off the emptiness of coming home to a cold shed with a leaking roof.

Frank shot the little video of a jug being made. I'd intended to make a few of them, but in the end blasted this one with the gas burner and worked on just this one, while we chatted and he read me the sweetest children's story that he's just written.

You might notice my shameless advert at the end of the video. I have some new pots for sale on my website. Here are a few pictures of some of them. They're mostly big pots, I hoped to get a few smaller ones on there and some other forms, but I just ran out of time, so I'll be adding to it in the next few weeks. Here's a link to the site

Happy Monday everybody


gz said...

WoooHooo, JUGS!!!!

Grimwurks Pottery said...

who would have thought that they could line sheep all up in a row