Friday 19 April 2013

More pictures from Mashiko

Hello all
I took many photographs while I was away, these were all taken at Tomoo Hamada's place.

The kiln doesn't have a conventional chimney, it flues through the end of the climbing chamber. It must be quite a remarkable sight when it is in full flame.

Tomoo's workshop

These split lengths of bamboo are used for feeding salt in to the salt kiln.
The salt kiln

Tomoo and me
Pottery shops in Mashiko
Path made from dense firebrick
'oooo men' for Hannah
I was surprised by how similar so many of the plant species are to the ones at home.

Shoji Hamada's house
Kiln at the Mashiko Museum
Shoji's house again


Armelle Léon said...

Thank you to share your photos, what a wonderful climbing kiln, it seams the plant species are similar but different than daisies, no ?

Susan said...

Does the kiln have wooden wickets?

Christine said...

Great photos, thanks

acte gratuit said...

So glad I checked your blog today! I'm an amateur potter who used to live in Japan. It's so fun to see two of my favorite things collide! Sounds like you really made the most of your trip--I'm very impressed you tried every food put in front of you. Very brave! Thanks for sharing your pictures and experiences!!!

Paul Jessop said...

Brilliant photo's Doug, I love the one with Tomoo, it looks like your face bombing the picture. I would love to go there it's a bit of a holy grail.

Unknown said...

Not sure that last comment got through

Glad you had a good trip
Great photos
Hope to meet up soon
Thanks for the fab mug
ben - (nic Collins big pots course)

Lisa researching ceramics said...

Beautiful KILN!!!! I wish I could have something like this. Truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing pictures

Rachel said...

Great photos