Monday 8 April 2013

Back later

Hello all. I'm settling in here now and shortly I'm going to attempt to get myself by train in to the centre of Tokyo - it's possible that you may never hear from me again. Here are a few pictures from yesterday.
I missed the cherry blossom by a week, there are still blooms on the trees, but they're going over now, still beautiful though.
This is my new potter friend Motoyasu Hirayama, with whom I share this exhibition.
This was lunch yesterday, sushi and green tea.
I decided that I'll try everything while I'm here, so yesterday was my first taste of  salmon eggs and raw squid! It was surprisingly good.

Oops, just had a call from the hotel saying they want to get in to clean my room, I'd better get moving and I'll be back later......................I hope!


emma said...

Hello Doug - the photos inside the gallery are amazing, all those beautiful shiny pots. It sounds like you are having quite an adventure and starting to enjoy the newness of it all, which is great news. Meanwhile, back in Blighty, we still hope Spring may one day come, but our days are brightened by the Doug updates and pictures. Take care. E x

Dennis Allen said...

No point in commenting since you will never find your way back to your computer in the hotel.

Unknown said...

You are a brave man indeed! Best of luck with transportation and the food ;)

Trish said...

Doug... I know you WILL find you way to and from the gallery . :), and 'good on you' for deciding to sample all the foods.. The presentation of food is so beautiful. Enjoy.

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing your experience Doug! Every time you step out of a comfort zone it opens a whole world of possibilities and inspiration! Good for you!