Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday on Thursday

Howdy folks

 It's a long time since there's been just me in the workshop. I started off with a good tidy up.
I've been getting back in to the swing of things this week, warming up with a few mugs.
It's been extremely wet all week, good weather for ducks some would say, although they don't seem to be very happy at the moment, I'm not sure what my feet have done that is so wrong. Jug making today, hurrah, my favourite things to make. I think I'm working late tonight with Marky Mark - I haven't seen him in ages, so looking forward to that. I'd better get to work, the day's almost half gone already - I've just spent the morning filling in forms - one of my pet hates. It's clay time Back later, bye for now


Paul Jessop said...

Hi Doug the videos are great, Love the ducks.

Anna M. Branner said...

I'm with Paul, I love your videos. And the ducks made me laugh out loud this morning!

gz said...

mugs are good starters.
I love the pottery company, you can never be lonesome with a duck!!

doug Fitch said...

Ha, those crazy ducks :)

Anonymous said...

I got attacked by a goose once and their beaks are at nads height!!