Friday, 23 September 2011


Well I managed to leave my bag(containing my camera) in Marky Mark's car last night after a brain-frying, fifteen hour firing, so I've been unable to upload pictures from the firing, but here are few from before the event. The tall jug at the top is one of the raw pieces. I could see it throughout the firing and it was still standing at the end. I don't know why I worry so much about raw firing, I used to do all my firings this way when I started out and I know huge amount more about firing the kiln now, than I did then.
This tile frieze is in the kiln, I'm really looking forward to seeing this come out. This is the one for the seventeenth century manor house and the leaves that I used, all come from the site. The varying temperature/flame/gasses through the chamber will hopefully give them a range of tones, the same glaze being lighter or darker according to its position in the kiln.
These are some 3lb jars that I made last week - they'll be in the next firing. Three more sizes to make of these, 6lb, 10lb and mega lbs if my arms will take the strain. I need some big pots to fill the bottom of the next firing, so I fancy making some very large jars.
Pots glazed, waiting to be packed. Most of these went in, but I do still have a good number left over, so it's reassuring to know that the next kiln load is well underway.

It was such a tiring day yesterday. I had a gig on Saturday night too, so I didn't get to bed until 1am, then set my alarm clock wrong and got up yesterday at 6am, thinking it was 7am.

We lit the kiln just before eight and fired through the day until about 11pm, before clamming up and heading home at about midnight, tired, blackened and stinking like a bonfire.

I got up this morning to head off to work, but then decided to go back to bed for couple of hours. I've stacks to do t the workshop, but I'm not going to feel too guilty about getting there late today. I'll head off shortly.

I hope this is a good firing. Everything seemed to go really well, but it's always risky, bathing ones pots in the naked flame and it won't be clear until the door's unbricked. I should know for sure tomorrow. I'll let you know what happened, either with a woohoo, or an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhhh.

Time to get to work
Bye for now


Dennis Allen said...

Don't feel guilty about a little extra sleep.It's hard to be productive when you are tired and sore.

Dan Finnegan said...

fingers crossed here, Doug, hoping all is well (trust me, this works!). If the film makes the cut I will definitely be coming to France. I need to speak with you about it one day. If you guys were to come, maybe I'll try to rent a house for a week if possible. I think that the filmmaker would be coming along as well. Party in France!!!

doug Fitch said...

You're right Dennis, I took it easy today, I just wouldn't have made anything of any quality.

Dan, I spoke to H tonight and will be speaking with Alex tomorrow. I have a couple of things to check first, but it looks like we'll be there!!