Sunday, 10 July 2011


Here are some pictures taken during the past few days - I'm afraid they're in no particular order.
The village play finished last night. I thought you may enjoy seeing this picture. I played the part of a policeman, who winds up playing the role of a cat in a very badly staged pantomime - all very confusing - it was a very funny play. Here's a synopsis I pinched off the web.

'Out of Focus' is set in the annexe of a church hall. An unfortunate over-booking results in a gathering of a wonderful mix of local characters, ranging from the Vicar's wife to a man intent on delivering a talk on steam locomotives to anyone who will listen! They eventually unite to try to produce a pantomime but, as rehearsals proceed, alliances are formed and switched as the opening night nears. Events culminate backstage after the final performance'

.So that's that now until panto rehearsals start in early autumn. Much as I love doing drama, it's a relief to have finished for a while, as it takes up two evenings a week with rehearsals plus all the extra time, desperately trying to learn lines. It's all been a bit much, but I'm pleased I did it, they're a good bunch of folk.

Here's my muddy wheel. I put this picture on specially for my friend Katrin, who will most certainly not approve of my filthiness. It's the way I like it though, sorry KM.
The workshop's pretty tidy at the moment though - by my standards anyway.
This is a view of one end of my 'showroom'.
and here's the other end.

Shiny slippy shiny stuff
Sweet, fragrant roses in the garden
My boy Joe pugging clay. He's been doing some work for me recently - it's great to have him prepping the clay as it means I can just get on with making the pots.
Another view in my showroom. The painting is by my friend Heather.
The latest shed addition. Luke's using this end of it as a painting studio for the summer - he's turning into a great painter. He left school a few weeks ago and is off to college to study an Art Foundation course in September.
More flowerbed stuff, outside the showroom.
Tidy kilnshed. The saggars came from Wenford Bridge and were made by Michael Cardew for the huge double chambered kiln there. I don't use them much as I have a square kiln, but one day I hope to build a round bottle kiln and then they'll be very useful. As it is, they're just lovely things to have around.
Tall baluster jugs, drying.
Marky Mark throwing yesterday, for once not clad in lime green
Sloppy slippy finger wipes

Flowers in the window

Slipedy slopedy slip
Dribbly slipedy slopedy
A row of them.

Congratulations to Hannah, who has just finished a sponsored cycle ride from Manchester to Blackpool. If you'd like to donate to her cause, you can find a link on her blog, here.

Right, off out for a spot of Thai cuisine with Hil and the boys. I haven't eaten Thai food since a long car journey to Virginia with Dan a couple of months ago. I wonder how Exeter's version will measure up.

Happy Sunday all, bye for now.


gz said...

A homeley showroom for pots you'd want at home :-)

lovely slippy jugs!

Glad to hear that Hannah's done well

Sister Creek Potter said...

Wow, you have been busy. The showroom is lovely. I love the jug with flowers in the window and Hannah's painting wonderful! Lovely work on the shelves!

Anna M. Branner said...

Great to see all these pictures! And panto or not you have been BUSY! Checked out Luke's blog,you are right, his paintings are really great.

Hannah said...

Hey lovely show room, and lovely slippedy sloppedy stuff too of course.
Thanks for the mention.

Ron said...

Hey the showroom looks great. So much more tidy than when I was there! I hope you don't wear that costume when your Japanese visitors come over.

ang design said...

oh happy thai fooding mmmm :)) love the space it's evolving very nicely mr fitch....mmmmm slippety slop yum yum!!

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Doug, the showroom looks like a breakfast table at a B&B I think I'll book myself in for a full English.
Looked at Lukes site.
He is Good !

matthew said...

Hey Doug,
Good to see another potter's wheel as untidy as mine! Like the drippy slips too.
When you get a moment could you send me an image of that ball mill?

doug Fitch said...

Thanks all - I showed Luke that you'd checked his blog out and he was chuffed. He's just finished a fab self portrait. The showroom is looking good now, but needs more pots in it, so I'm looking forward to the next firing in August. Matt, I can't find the pics, but I do have some and a video, I'll have to check on y hard drive thingy

Have a fun weekend everybody :)