Thursday, 28 April 2011

Home time

We're heading home today. Thank you so much the wonderful people of the USA.

There's so much to write about, many pictures to show and stories to tell. I'll get them uploaded in the next day or two - we've been so busy living it all that there's been little time to write about it.

We head to the airport shortly and a long, long journey back to England. Ang left for Australia yesterday. We arrive back in London at 7.30 am tomorrow.

Our time here has been amazing, completely mind-blowing. Thank you to all the sweet people we have met on our travels, everybody has made us feel so welcome. It's all quite overwhelming.

Huge, immense, big-time thanks to our fantastic friends and hosts, Hollis and Dee, Dan, Ron and Sarah, thank you, thank you, thank you.


Becky said...

Thank YOU, Doug! Meeting you and Hannah and Ang was quite a pleasure. And the workshop was simply fantastic; the glow is still with me and I suspect it will be for quite some time. I'm so glad you enjoyed the time you spent here and I look forward to keeping up with you here in the blogging world.

I'm sure it will be good to be home. And just think, you won't have to put up with our clay. ;) Hope you'll come back soon!

Now, off to listen to my Love Daddies CD while I work. Safe travels!

Hollis Engley said...

No thanks necessary, Doug. You two left lots of very happy people in your wake, hosts and workshop participants, too. You made lots of new friends. Come back any time.

janet said...

I'm one of those happy people - come back when we can take you out on the water. I look forward to reading your stories. May your flight be smooth.

cookingwithgas said...

Safe travels to our new amazing friends- you have lots of good memories and lots of new friends!
You will talk about this until you are old and gray.
Give the Queen our best!

Alex said...

Welcome back Doug and have a look at the listing for Hollyford Harvest at the Spanish film festival.
You are being shown on friday 24th so lets see if we cant get you there with us too.

Dennis Allen said...

Had a wonderful time in Fredburg.Thank you both for coming and to Dan for putting it all together.Are you still wearing the Pirate Hat? It Looked good on you.

gallagherpots said...

America will miss you both!

Tracey Broome said...

I'm sooooo glad I was able to come to Seagrove and visit with you guys! Safe travels home, it was very very wonderful to meet you in person finally!!!!!!!!

jbf said...

Sorry, been away from the blogs for a while...

It was AMAZING meeting you and Hannah and Ang! It was a wonderful workshop and a day I will remember forever.

Thanks so much for the day and please come back again.