Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New chimney, woohoo

Some pictures from the last few days.

I had a little sale at the weekend at the Stockleigh English church fete. I sometimes have a build up of pots that didn't quite make it through the kiln successfully, so it was a chance to sell off some of those pieces at bargain prices.

These people are taking part in a competition to estimate the capacity of the Flower Ladies Harvest Jug that I made for the church a while ago.

Some puzzle jugs

The workshop

The new woodshed, which, like the rest of the workshop, is being cobbled together from scrap.

Alex came down yesterday for a few days. We were supposed to be sharing a firing in the wood kiln tomorrow, but I was anxious to do some long overdue work on the kiln before firing it again, so we've postponed the big burn for a while and concentrated on getting the kiln sorted out. I've wanted to take the chimney down and rebuild it straighter and wider for ages, so we set about doing that today.

Spirit level??!!!!!
Alex is such a star. This should work a lot better when it's finished. Lots of kiln shelves to angle grind tomorrow - nice!

A picture for Peter, our mutual friend Jeff, who called by today and bought this big jug - thanks Jeff!


Hollis Engley said...

You know, Doug, that all looks like a pretty good life. Hope things work well with the new chimney.

Ron said...

So long crooked chimney!

cookingwithgas said...

oh that pitcher....lovely!

Peter said...

So pleased you've had the chimney straightened, I had wondered if that might have been the source of some of your firing problems, but didn't feel I knew enough about your kiln to say. Just looked to me from the video and photos that the spectacular flame out of the spy holes was giving a strong indication that the kiln needed to breathe better to produce the almost oxidizing atmosphere you would be needing for your lead based glazes! Anyway, hope the "nose job" helps.

Nice to see Jeff and the Jug too, both lovely fellows!

Hannah said...

God bless Alex. Hope the chimney helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

go on then, you must have thought this as well looking at another blog......... honestly.... who calls their child Michael Hunt...!


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thank you

guywolff said...

What was the final height to the stack ?? Are you getting good draught ??? The fire mouth to chiminey ratio is always ready for fine tuning till it works just right and by then the kiln is falling down !!! Good luck . Guy