Sunday, 11 May 2008

Weekend working

Had to go to work both days this weekend, slipping pots and trying to get evrything up to date ready to go to Clay Art Wales. It's been a scorcher, ideal for speeding up the drying process in the sunshine.

Tonight I'm going to sort out pots that I'm taking and I'll set my stand up in attic. I'm really not looking forward to going away at the moment, a week's a long time to be away from my family. I'm also pretty nervous about the whole thing, particularly the demo I've got to do on Sunday.

I'm catching a lift up with my mate Nic, on Wednesday, so I'll stay at his place on Tuesday night. Lots to prepare before then.


Hannah said...

How brilliant is it to be able to throw and decorate pots on consecutive days! I love it!
I'm not looking forward to being away either as Paul has only just gotten home after 2 weeks away and now I'm off on Wednesday, then I get back sunday / monday and he's off again on the tuesday! Not much fun.
However I am looking forward to meeting lots of people again and to being involved with this kiln. I baked ginger biscuits this afternoon to bring with me but not sure there will be any left come wednesday.

paul jessop said...

That last jug looks like it's covered in Chocolate.
and the drugs have worn off !!!

doug fitch said...

Hi Paul, good to hear you're back in good health again, your new pots on tonight's post look fab.

I reckon this one of mine looks pretty messy at the moment, but it should settle down once it's glazed.