Saturday, 3 May 2008


Just got home from the workshop. Everything is starting to dry out a bit so I've wrapped it all up under ye olde medieval polythene - don't know what potters would do without that stuff.

I decorated the big jugs with white slip, combed back to a black slip beneath and slipped bowls and mugs.

A spot of lunch now, then I'll hammer it up the motorway to Winchcombe and back.


Matt Grimmitt said...

Blimey you've been busy by the sound of it. Nice jugs, like the leaves alot. Got my jar today, tasty pot, have to put a new shelf up for it. Hello to John.

paul jessop said...

WOW !!

You do realise that you have got to be - one of the best potters in the Country right now.

Sarah said...

I'll second that remark from Paul. Hope you didn't have many pots to bring back.

Ron said...

Oops that last comment was from me. Sarah's been on my computer again.

potterboy said...

I agree with the others - fab jugs - superb.

I haven't collected my bits from John yet - the jug and the tea pot - hope he doesn't mind keeping them - I might get there next weekend possibly.

doug fitch said...

Blimey I don't know quite how to respond to that, thank you. I wish I had the same belief, certainly I'd like to be up there with the big boys one day and I'm going to keep working at it, probably until I'm the elder statesman. As Ron would say, 'practice, practice'.

Thanks for buying my pots Blogging Crew, I hugely appreciate your support. And not just in terms of buying pots, it's the encouragement you all give me and the inspiration of seeing what you are all doing that's helped me get through the winter and ensured I've stayed sane enough to have done these shows.

There's a great posting on Brandon Phillips' blog you should check out if you haven't already

Thanks again and Happy Tuesday all

Tim Worthington said...


I too slip decorate earthenware clay in Nova Scotia Canada. Great to see pictures of that freshly slipped brown clay. It has not failed to excite me in 30 years of slipping pots. I'm interested in reading more about your work and comparing notes so to speak.

doug fitch said...

Hi Tim
Great to hear from you, I'd love to see what you're up to. It is proper tasty, wet, shiny slip isn't it?!
Look forward to hearing from you again