Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Happy Birthday Joe

Well you may not think he's as cute as furry kittens, (I do), here's my younger boy Joe, thirteen today, in the Crediton Tandoori this evening. I remember people saying to me to enjoy them because they're not babies for long - that's so true, I've got two teenagers now. We've had a lovely family day today.

However, I've got to get some pots made tomorrow. It's been half term this week so I've been at home with the family. I've got Brad Lail coming to work with me for a few days, arriving tomorrow afternoon, so that'll get me motivated again I hope. Brad is a student from North Carolina and knows Ron and Alex very well.

The kittens are doing fine and have been keeping us all entertained. Thank you for checking in everyone, particularly all the new visitors and thanks for all your suggestions of names/liquidization. The boys have called them Kipper and Sprat.

Hopefully this'll return to being a pottery blog tommorrow, lots to make for Earth and Fire and Art in Clay.

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paul jessop said...

Two Teenagers under one roof. Run too the Hills!!!!

Happy Birthday Joe.