Saturday, 24 May 2008

Ruth and Russel

I had a visit yesterday from two American potters, currently residents of Belgium. Russel Fouts, who brought along one of his beautiful Terra-Sigillata dishes, and Ruth Ballou, who showed me some images of some of her very fine soda and saltglazed pots. Ruth is shortly to return to the States to establish a pottery in South Carolina. It was good to meet them and to share their enthusiasm for ceramics. Russel is moving to a bigger place just to house his ceramics collection, how cool is that?

A busy day ahead of me tomorrow at the Sandford Festival. I'll be exhibiting at a craft fair during the daytime and playing with the Love Daddies in the evening.

Mike Sanderson, kindly sent me a link to some photos of Clay Art on his excellent site, Ceramike

Happy weekend all.


Ron said...

Hey Doug, I'll have to look Ruth up whens she gets here place in S.C.

Nice pics on Mike's site. Looks like you held your demo down, with the help of your fine assistant Matt. And Hannah was having a good laugh in the picture at the bottle kiln.
We are taking it easy this weekend, no commitments.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Your pots and your demo looked great! Wish I could have been there. I met Russell at NCECA last year--nice guy! Small world--how nice! Gay

Hannah said...

I always look like a flipping muppit! I think I will ban cameras wherever I go from now on.

doug fitch said...

me too!

Brad Lail said...

I suppose it is pretty awesome that you are a direct link to the carolinas. I guess you know how us Carolina people are about our pottery. hahaha. I will have to look Ruth up when I get home. Good luch at your show!

doug fitch said...

It is a small world indeed Gay, paticularly since the www. Wish you could have been there too.