Monday, 19 May 2008

Home again

Well that was a brilliant week, hanging around with some lovely people. We got back to Nic's just before three this morning, then Hil picked me up after she finished work this evening and brought me home. Hot tub and comfortable bed tonight, wooohooo! It's been freezing cold and very uncomfortable in the tent this week and my inflatable matress was in fact a deflatable matress, so virtually no sleep for almost a week.
Here we all are infront of the bottle kiln. John, the chap with the green jumper in the next photo was on the team too, but was taking the photo I think.
It was a good firing. We started it at about 2am, then finished about noon on Saturday. It was pretty warm when we unpacked it at noon on Sunday.

I survived the demo, no rotten tomatoes. It was a bit disorganised, but it was good fun once I got into it. I made a jug, force dried it with a gas burner, handled it and decorated it, then a monster tankard for Dave, the chap who's inspecting the jar in the second photo. He and his wife have quite a few of my pots.
The last picture is of a young American student, holding the mugs that Ron made for Matt and me. Do you recognise him Ron?

That's it, I've got to sleep. Thank you people for buying pots, thank you Paul, Matt, Hannah and John for all the kiln, talk and drinking fun and thanks to Nic for getting me there and back safely. I'm absolutely exhausted, I'll tell more and add some more shots later. Back to work tomorrow.

Oh yes, and Exeter won at Wembley woooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooo!


Sister Creek Potter said...

Oh, Doug, I'm so glad to read the great report! I knew it would be good and am so happy that that was your experience! Fondly, Gay

Ron said...

Glad it went well! What about that, Brad Lail from my neck of the woods all the way over there. Glad he got to meet up with you. (grumble grumble, that I didn't). Hope you get some rest.

Alex Matisse said...

That kid Brad is gonna be someone to look out for. He stopped by the pottery a few weeks ago and hung out for a couple hours...taught me how to build a box trap to catch rabbits and then sat down on my wheel and turned a really nice 7 lb vase. He's gonna be big time....

ang said...

hey doug, it was v. quiet last week without your blogs looks like you had fun, have a good recovery phase..

Becky said...

Welcome home, Doug! So glad it was a fun time for you and what a serendipitous moment to meet Brad!
The world grows smaller day by day. I think, once you come to NC, the magic will be complete? ^^

paul jessop said...

Hi Doug, nice pictures, thanks for giving us a flavour of the weekend.
Nice to have you back on the blog.

Margaret Brampton said...

Great to get your report. It all sounds very stimulating, but wow that sounded tiring.

Hannah said...

Note to all bloggers, I'm poorly and bored and lonely at home on my own. I need some entertainment, new posts soon please!
sniff sniff woe is me.

doug fitch said...

Hey Hannah, poor you. Look, I've obliged with a post and it's a long one too. Hello everybody else. How lovely to have such a welcome home, I missed you all and have been trying to catch up on all your news. Ang, I still haven't posted your pot, I'm so useless, it's coming I promise!

Alex, Brad was telling me a the weekend that he was there when you made those birdhouses on your blog, it was all very weird.

There you go Hannah, a long blog and a long comment. Get well soon.

Love to all