Friday, 2 May 2008


It's been a frantic few days making bowls, plates, jugs etc., I've put in some long hours, every surface is covered in pots. Flatware takes up a lot of horizontal space.

These pots will be for a number of shows, including The Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey and Earth and Fire at Rufford.

I'm also going to have some more pieces in another show at the Long Room Gallery, Winchcombe at the beginning of June, so I want to get some good gear made for that during the next few days.

The show is to celebrate the launch of John Edgeler's next publication focusing on Michael Cardew's stoneware works. This book will be a follow up to his previous title, Michael Cardew and the West Country Slipware Tradition, top of my highly recommended list.

I'll post more info about that show at a later date, but it promises to be a good one with work from Svend Bayer and Clive Bowen.

I've got to go to Winchcombe tomorrow to pick up any unsold work from my show and also Mr Edgeler himself who is coming to Devon to visit some slipware collectors in connection with yet another book he's writing(I'm going to be in that one, more about that another day).

David Frith called yesterday asking me to do a demo at Clay Art Wales, which I agreed to do although the thought of it's pretty scary/exciting, it's not something I've much experience of. In the workshop when I'm all alone, I get 'into the zone', absolute concentration and focus, it's a very personal experience, so it'll be quite a contrast to be doing it infront of a load of people.

I also had a long chat with Blogger Hannah yesterday, who kindly sent me some fantastic books about slipware, thanks again Hannah. Hannah's going to be exhibiting at Clay Art too and will be helping with the planned firing of the bottle kiln. Click here to see pictures of Clive Bowen and Paul Young building the kiln a couple of years ago.

So many blue links on this post, there's enough reading to keep you busy all weekend, have an enjoyable one.

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