Friday, 23 May 2008

More pictures from Wales

Packing the bottle kiln


ang said...

so is that a tunnel kiln? wood in one end and fire horizontally through the work...what was the lid made from?

potterboy said...

It looks like some kind of abstracted anagama, except it doesn't rise. I wonder if it would work if it had a step in it? I was thinking, you could use kiln shelves as the lid, with bricks or more fibre on the top, couldn't you (I like the fibre on the walls to give it a good seal too.)

I'm very intrigued. I like the cut of its jig, and I could easily fit one of these in the barn. Thinking I might order some bricks next week.

All looks fun anyway.

doug fitch said...

Hi there
The lid was made from an oil drum, cut in half, bolted together and lined with ceramic fibre - how easy is that? If you enlarge the image you can see the lid on the ground behind Nic. I wish I'd taken more photos of it, the pack etc. There was no furniture inside, just tumble-stacked pots, wadded with shells etc. They fired it on Kerosene(?) and cooking oil and chucked in loads of charcoal for heavy ashing. It was unpacked at the same time as we were unpacking the bottle kiln, just as I was in post-demo trauma so I didn't even get to see the pots. Nic sold them all except for half a dozen or so, the leftovers met the hammer.