Tuesday, 13 May 2008

This time next week..........

............it'll be all over. That doesn't rid me of the anxiety I'm feeling now! Everything's priced and I sit here midst complete chaos as my living room is currently housing a mock-up of my display. I don't want to go! I want to be a recluse!

I took these pictures yesterday. I remember the many times during the last three years that Marky Mark and I have discussed how good it would be to have a whole stack of pots ready and finished to select from for the shows and this year at last it's happened. Furthermore, the workshop is stacked full of dry pots ready for firing when I get back(this is just a few of them, there are lots more elsewhere in the workshop) - that means I'm either a whole lot of pots ahead, or a firing behind, I think the former so it's a good place to be.

As you can see, the woodland opposite the workshop has burst into a staggering explosion of green hues. Everything seemed to turn from brown to green within just a few days. It's beautiful in there, Mark and Neli(Mark's wife) and I took a stroll through on Sunday. There was a sudden deluge while we were in there, but in spite of getting soaked we enjoyed the sound of the rain hitting the leaves, it's a magical place.

I've started to walk home from work again recently, watching fascinated as Spring unfolds, hedges, fields and foliage changing rapidly each day.

Oh well, onwards, pots and pants to pack. Off to stay at Nic's tonight, then to Clay Art in the morning. Nic lives up on Dartmoor, a very rugged terrain, the influence of which is very apparent in his amazing pots. There are some great pictures of the Moor on my mate Cookie's blog Wood Art Words. It's a long way from Devon to North Wales so we'll share the driving in Nic's old truck.

I'm looking forward to catching up with old friends and of course Hannah and Matt.

Hil and the boys are going to Wembley on Sunday to watch Exeter in the Play-off final, wish I was going with them - instead I'll be trembling in a marquee, trying to do a demo. Come on Exeter, up the City!!

I'll be back.........................


Sister Creek Potter said...

I am sorry you are feeling so anxious--youll be great and greatly admired! And, of course, that anxiety won't do a thing to help and can only make things worse! Let go of it--you are such a wonderful potter and people are eager to see you do it first hand!

Good luck and ENJOY! Fondly, Gay

Michael Kline said...

Hey there Doug and Co. I wish could come over and see that beautiful landscape and watch you make pots. I never tire of watching another potter. Safe trip.

Becky said...

This time next week I'm sure you'll be feeling on top of the world! Like Michael, I wish I could be there. Looking forward to the posts and pictures to follow. Have a wonderful time!

paul jessop said...

Oi ! slacker, what kind of excuse is that.

paul said...

Just think of it as a Love daddies gig,actually perhaps not,probably a different preparation scenario altogether.
You'll be fine mate .Try not to worry