Monday, 22 February 2010


Hi there The World
Thank you to everybody who has voted for me in the Little Blog Awards - it's been fun watching progress over the weekend. It's going well so far, just a week to go!

I've been making jars and lids today - here they are before they're turned....

...and here's one I 'helped along' with the gas burner so that I could turn it back and throw the knob on. I'll do the rest in the morning.

Bowls and mugs tomorrow - a day of small stuff.

Bed time
Goodnight all and thanks


Anna said...

I sure like these jars. :) Same size as "mine?"

doug Fitch said...

Hi Anna
These ones are smaller, made from 3lb of clay. Your one was made from six I think. Hope you're still liking it :-)