Monday, 15 February 2010


I forgot to take my camera to the workshop, so no video blogging today. Hil brought it up for me when she came to collect me this evening, but I feel a bit of a burke talking to a camera as it is, so I wasn't about to start doing it with Hil looking on! Anyway I took a couple of pictures instead.

In fact, I took this one yesterday evening as the sun set - pretty.

Today I made a dozen of these small 3lb fat jugs. It feels like I'm clicking back into the rhythm of making again now, there are lots of pots starting to build up on the shelves and my anxiety is subsiding. I still only have about a quarter of a kiln full, but there's still time and a lot of big pots to make too. I'd planned on doing those today, but the clay was just too soft, so I've blended and kneaded a load up and left it unwrapped on the bench to toughen, ready for use on Wednesday.

These are some baluster jugs I've been working on - I'll be doing a post all about about them later in the week.

Tomorrow I'm off to lovely Exmoor to pick up some lovely kiln shelves that I've bought. After that, I'm going to call by and visit lovely Blogger Paul. Watch this space.

Cheers for now


Ron said...

Beautiful sky. Nice to see the pots stacking up. Hi to Paul tomorrow.

ang said...

hahaa, nothing like a visible audience to freak ya right out! lovely sky shot..keep the vids coming it's all the craze these days!!

Anna said...

Worse than filming the video, is watching it later. Ew. :( I dont like that much! Love those 3 lb jugs!! About how tall are they?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Lovely pots and gorgeous sunset. Now we all will want to move to England :)

jimgottuso said...

a good days work... i'm wondering about the translation of the word "burke". i'm always on the hunt for new words that can be flung about

doug Fitch said...

Hello all
Burk(I spelled it wrong) is slang for fool Jim - well That'll be me then!

Anna, thought to measure those jugs again today, then didn't - I'm such a burk! I would think they're about 6"

doug Fitch said...

Gary, when you coming over then?

Manohar Singh said...

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