Thursday, 4 February 2010

Big fat jugs

Well I've been a busy, busy boy, working late into the evenings.

Today I got making my favourite thing - 8lb fat jugs. It felt good to be making fat, generous, earthy, country pots with plenty of grit in the clay. I made six, I'll make another six before the firing. They vary in height and proportion - I didn't try to make them all the same as I would have done once upon a time. The first couple were based on a medieval jug that took my fancy on the internet, the rest gradually slipped into North Devon Harvest jug form, rounded and low bellied.

I've started making the big pots during the last couple of days with a couple of jugs that are nearly 2ft tall - one of them's going to take many hours to decorate - I'll post pictures of them later.

My friend Heather's been in and out this week and made a few pots including this splendid pressed dish with a lovely freely trailed rooster on it.

This beautiful woodpecker has been hanging around today. I had a roving tit party of long-tail tits aswell(it's true, that's the collective term, I lie not).

It was great to see Jess yesterday evening. She hasn't had a chance to get up to the workshop in ages and had a whole stack of glazing to do. She's going to start coming along more regularly again which will be good and is going to set up a workshop at home. She'll come to me to learn stuff, then I'll set her homework! Marky Mark came up for our regular Wednesday night session of pottery and rock and roll.

In the workshop garden, more signs of Spring.

Well I'm pooped, off to bed, goodnight all


Ron said...

Jugs look great.

ang said...

hey thats more like it crankin out the bigguns!!!!... hope the ebay thingy goes well for ya...having and earl grey cuppa and off to the club, peppermint tea just aint cutting it today...cheers man...

Trish said...

OH mannnnn!! the bulbs coming up in the garden!! so beautiful! mine are still covered in a foot or more of snow!! ahhh, spring! OH, and I love the big jugs too :). and I have a bird 'hanging around' too, a Chukar Partridge..someone locally raised these 'exotic' birds. It sits on the bench outside my studio window..will post a picture soon.

jimgottuso said...

big jugs and roving tit parties... none of that stuff happens where i live

doug Fitch said...

Hello all, thanks. Just googled Chukar partridge - they're a pretty looking bird Trish. Jim, 'lol' as the youngsters would say ;-)