Friday, 19 February 2010


Evening all.
Just got in after an evening of noisy rocking with three quarters of the Love Daddies - the first time in months. It was good to be doing it again, although I've forgotten how to play a lot of the songs in a relatively short time - old age or just a full head I guess - or both probably.

I've been making these big jugs during the last couple of days. They vary in weight and size and in form and proportion. I feel a whole lot happier for getting those done - they'll fill up a fair bit of the kiln chamber, so now I'm well on the way. That takes the pressure off my brain - I'm starting to enjoy my potting again after a bit of a struggle in recent times. I must make something other than jugs next week though.

Jess came yesterday and made some sweet little bowls while Luke and I were over in the woods. I've given her my old kickwheel and her dad came and took it away in his quad bike trailer. It was nice to see it go off to it's new home. I've had that wheel for years - (Sid Tustin once sat on that wheel and kicked it!) - but now I have the big kickwheel from Wenford so I don't need it any more. I know Jess will put it to good use - her pots are coming along really nicely.

Well here's a video blog. It feels a bit odd doing it this way, but It's nice to talk to you all. I surely need to get that old grey beard off when the weather warms up!

Have a great weekend. Cheers


Dan Finnegan said...

There's nothing wrong with old gray beards!

ang said...

ahh lovely scrolly bits i just finished putting some handles on my teapots with lovely scrolls to finish them off...! sweeet..

doug Fitch said...

Ha, of course there isn't Dan - but you try and tell my missus that! Good to know there's a bit of Devon in your pots there Ang. I'll take some pics of those tile moulds for you next week

Ron said...

Great jugs all around there.

Michael Kline said...

Yes, Friday does seem to be the end of the week for most folks! But for us potters work continues as clay can't be put away so easily. Great look around your shop.
Just tell Hil that the beard will soften the longer it gets. Have her talk with Dan!

Inspiring pots, as always!

John said...

You know, I really enjoyed the video portion of the blog. Sometimes, reading words and seeing photos isn't enough - it was very cool to hear the tenor of your voice, the rhythm of the words. The pots are lovely, of course (especially the big jugs you just finished). Also nice to hear that we all have confidence that waxes and wanes...

Best -

paul jessop said...

Nice jugs Doug, you have been busy, I haven't made any pots for two weeks now, and I keep cutting my fingers in the new workshop, so sore hands makes for few pots.