Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Yesterday's news

Off to work in a mo, but here's yesterday's news.

Life's craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy at the moment, preparing for Friday's firing and desperately trying to pull together my paperwork to submit my tax return before Saturday's deadline - nasty!

Jessica is with me today and Alex will be arriving just after lunch, so we'll be in a frenzy of glazing.

Here's a little sgrafitto jug

The place where I went yesterday to get my hardwood. Got to fly, my lift's arrived.

Happy birthday yesterday little sis

Bye for now


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

pretty fantastic pitcher there alright

Clay Perry said...

i must have this jug.. email me with details...

Doug Fitch said...

Thanks chaps. Clay, it's a commission, a copy of a little 19th century jug made in Bideford, North Devon, that is in Manchester Museum. I might make some more of them because I was pleased with the way it worked - just got to wait and see what the kiln does to it now. I usually decorate when the slip is really wet, so it made a change to be able to handle the piece while I was decorating it as the slip was completely dry. When you going to get your wheel spinning?!

Deb Hibb said...

I also love this jug. Would love to see the finished product if everything works out.