Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Happy birthday Amy G!!

I made a load of jars today, then forgot to photograph them. Also decorated some of last week's jugs - this one is with leaf resist, the leaves are still on at this stage and will be peeled off once the slip has dried out some.

Off to see the Buzzcocks tomorrow night with Luke. I've seen them a couple of times before, once years ago when they supported the Pistols. Don't imagine they look much like this any more.


Brad Lail said...

I love to see the leaf pots man. I have a home blog now so start letting me know what ya think bro. turninpots.blogspot.com

ang said...

is that a cover or one of theirs? i seem to remember it vaguely but...enjoy your night out

Hannah said...

this may surprise you but I would have loved to have seen them then but not sure about now. takes me back a bit that song but not as far as their time I hasten to add,takes me to to a small dark irty pub in Bolton, and the name will come to me, it wasn't Hawthorns but similar. Have you been there, your kind of place I think.

paul jessop said...

The Buzzcocks Ahh !!

I remember them days
I used to wear a collar less shirt jeans with holes in and Plastic Sandals. My Dad thought I looked a Prat! He was probebly right.

Enjoy your evening, why not complete the night with a take away Kebab on the way home, from one of those dodgy vans.