Thursday, 8 January 2009

Late night working

Worked late tonight - pooped so just a quick post.

Put the handles on yesterday's jugs.

Did some with scrolls.............................

........and stuck sprigs on others

Finished the last puzzle jug - woohoo!

Had a great visit from Blogger Andrew and Sally Anne who have been firing up at Nic's. They made a few pots that will go in the next firing which is scheduled for 30th Jan, good to see them.

Marky Mark came up this evening so we worked on late.

Many thanks to all of you who signed the petition about Harrow and to those who tried but aren't British citizens so couldn't. As Christine said in response to my last post, 'I despair of this aesthetically blind market driven world we seem to be inhabiting'.

Bath and bed.

Happy days.


Hollis Engley said...

Busy guy, Andrew. Nice stuff.

Hollis Engley said...

I mean Doug. Jeez ... what's happening to me and names?????

potterboy said...

Yeah, well I am pretty busy too, if it helps :)

Thanks for today Doug - we both enjoyed it and I know Sally Anne appreciated your time very much.

Michael Kline said...

That sprigging is really awesome, Andrew!

Ha! Just kidding.
No really, it's fantastic. Deft.
Sorry 'bout the fozen pots. That happened to me a few times in Massachussetts (New England). Bummer.

ang said...

that's a lovely shot of the 3 puzzles all together, think i'll pinch that one hehehehe.... and how about marky mark getting all creative must have been an inspiring go boy!!

Clay Perry said...

i love those late night work sessions... tired and dirty by the end, but its just a good feeling when youre done... great work!

ang said...

ooh 30th jan, gives me something to work towards, i'll put my thinking hat on today, i'm pretty sure i have some of that red stuff in my clay store....