Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Late night glazing

Well it's been a looooooooooong day's work, fourteen hours in fact, so a quick post and some pics before bed.

Jess decorating the bowls she threw last week.

Alex with the collaborative jugs he's working on with Alice Kettle

Lots of pots glazed - many more to do in the morning and a kiln to pack.

I've got lots of replies to post on here, sorry, I'll get to it this weekend, thank you for taking the time to place comments.

Hollis(who was asking about Hil's soup), I'll get that recipe sorted and Adam(who was asking about my clay), go for some red mud! I use clay from the woods near the workshop for the smaller stuff, and a blend of Valentines red and Exeter brick clay for large pieces.

Happy Thursday all


Sister Creek Potter said...

What a great blogger you are--that besides the great pottery! No time for enough rest and yet you post to the blog. I admire ALL your accomplishments! (Don't get stressed out, though.) Fondly, Gay

Hannah said...

Hi Alex!

Am waving at your pic on the blog just incase you can see.

Happy firing you gang.