Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Frosty again this morning on the seat of learning.

Leaf resist was order of the day again - It's a simple and effective technique.

Jessica was with me today. She's worked very hard at her throwing and it's been paying off. I was so pleased with her, she just got straight on with it and made some fantastic bowls. It was lovely to see her dad so proud of her too when he picked her up this evening. For me it's been really rewarding watching her skills develop - as a traditionalist I feel a need to pass my knowledge and experience on, for what it's worth.

I made this big baluster jug this evening. It might make the firing - I'm going to carry on making this week, maybe some more of these tomorrow. Anything that doesn't make this firing can go in the next one in a few weeks time. It's important to keep the pressure on, I've a lot of commitments to shows etc. this year and it will be so good to get some stock together and for once be really ahead of the game - ha ha, fat chance.

I spent ages adding all this applied deco to some jugs yesterday and managed to destroy one this evening by force drying it too fiercely beside the wood burner. This one's survived so far.

Pots in the kiln mouth. Not many days to go until Fiery Friday.

Worked a long day today, Marky Mark came up for a few hours this evening, same again tomorrow. Nice jumper mate.


Ron said...

You go Jessica!
Hey Doug, nice jug man. How many times can I say that? Not enough.
Looks like MM has a good method there for making that dish.

ang said...

dougstar get jess a towel man...fat chance of being ahead over here too.. loading a glazing today fire tomorrow for sundays market...nuts!

jbf said...

Beautiful work, as always. It seems like people are always popping in. I'm a big believer in 'social pottery'. I like the frosty bench, too.

Alex Mason said...

Love that jug!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

nice BIG JUGS there mate!

doug fitch said...

It's often a busy place, I think people like to visit my little shed, Hollyford's a magical place and I have a toasty woodburner and an ever warm kettle. Hmm yes, I did suggest to Jess that I may need to wash some towels, or fire them. A big part of making muddy pots is working in a muddy environment though, so Jess is learning it my way! And cheers all about the jug.