Tuesday, 13 January 2009


It's been hard getting things to click into gear in my head. I needed a break so badly at Christmas, although it took until a couple of days after the event to realise that.

I really struggle to get going from a standing start, with empty shelves - not that they're ever really empty, they soon fill up with mouldy mugs and other debris that become a metaphore for my chaotic and disorganised lifestyle - but that's what makes me who I am I suppose, whether that be a good thing or not, and as a consequence, my work turns out the way it does.

Today the sun shone and on my way back after walking Digger I stood and looked at the workshop for a moment. I was very briefly back there in the summer, looking at the beautiful rose that rambles across the gable end. I love weather whatever it is these days, as long as I'm dry and warm, but it was wonderful to get the realization into my head that Spring and Summer are to come.

So a bit of sunshine and gradually refreshing the shelves has warmed and lifted my spirit and with that comes the inspiration and energy that has felt lacking lately.

I've started making batches in mulitples of six again - it fulfills me and lends itself well to the variety of slip combinations and techniques that I employ - I can afford to lose a couple, so can take more chances with decoration, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. (There are actually six of these three pound jars although only five in the picture.)

There was an extraordinary double rainbow today. I guess I could have moved so that the end was on the workshop, but I have no yearning for gold..........well maybe a little - rats, I blew that.

Right, off to see the Buzzcocks - Rock & Roll!!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Hey, you're making the little pots to hold the gold at the end of the rainbow, aren't you?
The Buzzcocks! Lucky dude.

ang said...

lovely jugs as usual mr fitch, i like quantity of 6, enough of a run to be serious and to play with and if your looking for warmth come on over....
41C yesterday and low 30's today now that's warm!!

Ron said...

Man I love those jars. I can never make that curve right. Hope the Buzzcocks show was rocking.

jbf said...

Those are great jars. I love the volume and the high collar. Enjoy the show.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Doug, Great post today--very personal and authentic. Maybe that produced those lovely pots--or maybe the reverse--the lovely pots produced the great post! In any event, thanks for sharing! Fondly, Gay

paul jessop said...

I know your out there Mr Fitch, i saw your comment on my blog.