Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Hannah and I went to Bideford today to help pack the 'Kiln in the Park'.

There are pots in the kiln by a lot of makers including Svend Bayer, Simon Hancox, Clive Bowen, Mike Dodd, Paul Young, Niek Hoogland, Harry Juniper, Roger Cockram, Philip Leach, Nick Juniper and Bloggers Paul and Matt. Hannah and I both have work in there too.

Here's Hannah chatting about the decoration on her jugs with Harry Juniper

and a selection of glazed wares prior to packing.

To see a press release about the firing and associated events click here

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paul jessop said...

Can you believe some total Nonce has sprayed grafitti on that bottle Kiln, and the pratt didn't even do something worth while.