Sunday, 20 April 2008

There's nowt as queer as folk

Here are some pictures from this weekend's folk festival.

Both Paul and I sold lots of stuff. It was all really cheap but it was gear that's been knocking about for years, so it was good to get rid and to let people have some bargains.

The folk festival's becoming quite a big event, I think I may even make some commemorative tankards next year.

There were hundreds of musicians, singers and folk music enthusiasts, amateur dramatists(?) and Morris Dance troupes from all over the country. For anyone from outside of the UK that may be reading this and wondering what it's all about, a Morris Dance is a traditional English folk dance, performed (usually)by men with jingle bells and handkerchiefs. There's a lot more to it than that of course and it's an important aspect of our folk heritage.

I wish I'd got a film of them dancing, I did get this bit of video of them marching past our house this morning. Note also, my new funky blue gas guzzler, the garage sale and Hil on our doorstep eating a burger - she'll not thank me for that, good job she rarely reads this rubbish.


ang said...

nothing like a good dress up, funny boys! Glad to hear you had a good garage sale doug, what a quaint village you live in, very different to my space, I really must put up some studio shots too. Discovered a little video cam the other day with a direct usb plug 'The Flip' may give it a go....

doug fitch said...

Hi Ang, It is a pretty place. To be honest I'd like to live somewhere completely remote, but I'm just anti-social! It's good for the kids being in the village, they went to school here and have grown up here with all their mates.

Look forward to seeing the video stuff. I'm going to get my good camera repaired when I get some cash in next month then I can put some better video clips on here.

Ron said...

Doug, you should take the pic of the guy with mug and hat and have a postcard made to pass out at shows. Ha. Looks like a lot of fun.

ang said...

ron, really cool idea about the postcards people love em and they won't forget you in a hurry!