Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Lazy day

Had a wonderful lazy day today. Whilst dozing I worked out my next batch of pots so I guess the time wasn't wasted and I'm absolutely knackered after the recent crazy schedule so to stay in bed all morning was a joy.

I'm going to go and stock up on wood tomorrow from the local sawmill so that it's drying in readiness for a firing in a few weeks time. There's little point in making pots this week as we're going to be away all next week.

Tomorrow night Luke and I have tickets to see The Automatic in the Cavern Club in Exeter. We've seen them before and they were excellent last time. The Cavern's a tiny venue, it'll be cool.


Ron said...

That's a great video! Bigfoot can sure get a groove on. I think you should start growing some lambchops like that lead guitarist for your London show.

doug fitch said...

Ha ha, good plan :)

paul jessop said...

Excellent Video, Reminded me of early INXS stuff, I saw them a couple of times. Michale Hutcence was just a fantastic front man.

Anyway The Lamb chops Idea is just so You Doug. I woke up this morning and my first thought, apart from I'm Alive. was I have sorted your dress dilema for friday night. Red satin Smoking Jacket, Pipe and Slippers. I was going to suggest a small Noel Coward style Moustache, but I think the Lamb chop side burns would look equally good.
PS: how's the speech comming along ?

paul said...

nice one doug .have fun tonite see you for rock and roll tomorrow