Monday, 21 April 2008

Hello John got a new Shimpo?

I had a mail the other day from my potter friend John Mathieson(he makes some lovely pots, check him out). Here's a picture of John with some of his pots.

He's selling some equipment. Blogger Matt bought one of the Shimpo wheels recently and is really pleased with it. I had a go on it the other day and it's really good, so if you're on the lookout for a professional quality potter's wheel or pugmill at a bargain price, see below:-

Shimpo wheel and Potclays
pugmill for sale.

'I have a Shimpo RK 10 wheel with remote foot control for sale at £500,
and a Potclays 7040 pugmill (230 volts) for sale at £1000 (list £1500 +
This equipment was bought for the school where I taught to refurbish
the workshop after a fire; the school was rebuilt as an Academy at a
cost of £26 million but without a ceramics workshop. The wheel is
boxed, the pugmill is still wrapped - neither has ever been used and
both are in mint condition.'

For more information contact -

John Mathieson
50 Ridgeway
Weston Favell
Northampton NN3 3AN

Tel: 01604 409942

e-mail :

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