Sunday, 30 March 2008

Off to London

Off to London with my mate Frank in the morning to deliver the pots to the Harlequin Gallery. Frank's a top man and always comes to the rescue when I need a hand. I'm very lucky with my friends, very lucky indeed.

I took a few blurred shots of the pots before we packed them. It's good to have the space to be able to move in the house again, it's been pot chaos here this week.


Hannah said...

That jug at the top is stupendous!

Jon & Jo said...

I love that bottom jug, I noticed it in your earlier pic of unpacking the kiln. Will need to give the gallery a call.
Some stunning pots, Jo's just taken away my cheque book!
Hope the shows go well, see you at rufford.
Jon Jo et al

Margaret Brampton said...

Hope your trip to London went OK. It sounds quite a day. The pots look really good and I am looking forward to seeing them. Will you be at the private view or is that just too much travelling?

paul jessop said...

Nice Jugs Matey !!!
London Will Love Them.

doug fitch said...

Hello all, thank you. Great to hear from you on here Jon. Yes, will be going to the opening Margaret, will you be able to come?