Sunday, 23 March 2008

All paque(d)

Happy Easter

All packed and almost ready to go, nice one Marky Mark. Everything from the bisc went in except for a couple of large jars, they'll be fired in the next kiln load for Clay Art Wales. There's all sorts in there, espresso mugs, coffee pots, jars of several sizes, bottles, jugs and platters and lots more.

Had a good gig last night. We've been working on a new set of songs and it was our first time of trying them out live. It was a good challenge, we can play the old set with our eyes closed, so we all had to really concentrate on the new tunes and it went down really well, no rotten tomatoes, phew.

I'm looking forward to a day off with the family tomorrow, it's been hard work for all of us lately so we're going to Exeter for lunch in town, then to the cinema. I'll have to pop up to the workshop in the evening to brick the door up. I was too tired to do it tonight and I'd had enough so tomorrow evening will have to do. The burner will have to go in then too, to dry stuff out ready for the big burn up on Tuesday.


Michael Kline said...

Doug, That's a picture of one proud potter! And I might say a proud stack of pots. Way to go. Have fun with the family. That's what I'm going to do this week, after all my rushing around. I'm looking forward to some fun. Hope it will be a good burn. over and out, M

doug fitch said...

Cheers Michael, let's see if I can turn them brown and bubbly.

Sarah said...

Great picture Doug. That is a fine load. Good luck with the firing, I'm sure they'll be fantastic. Catch ya later. Ron

doug fitch said...

Thanks Ron. Just had to go to the workshop to brick the door up and put the burner in which wasn't a job I really fancied going out to do which is why I left it until 10pm, just got in. I had a mug left over from the pack so I had a little re-pack while I was there, you know how it is, you can't have a mug left over, that wouldn't be right! I'm pleased with the pack, it seemed a lot easier than normal. It doesn't help that I've got several different sizes of shelf, but I'm getting to know how to use them to the best advantage. That's something I really need to invest in but that gears so expensive isn't it. I would love to think that when I open the door on Thursday that it'll all be lovely and bright but the last firing knocked my confidence a bit, even though it was just a stupid mistake and nothing to do with the firing process, all the same, I daren't feel optomistic! Cross your fingers for me. Hope you're feeling happier. I'm looking forward to some shots of all your earthenware all in together, there's a lot of stuff that's going on with those pots and I'm sure they look amazing assembled. Have a good Tuesday

Alex Matisse said...

those pitchers are beautiful... very regal.