Friday, 15 April 2011

A quick note from Virginia

Hello there!!!!!

Well we made it to the States safe and well and we're having a wonderful time with fantastic, kind people.

It's been busy, busy, so I've had little time to blog and where we're staying now in Virginia has no internet, but I'll be sharing lots of pictures with you all in the forthcoming week or two. Here's

Our Cape Cod workshop went really well, in spite of our stressing and worrying. Hollis and Dee looked after us so well - they're lovely folks. we gave Hollis nightmares, literally, with all our flapping and worrying. I have some great pots that Hollis made that I'll share with you later.

You can read all about our adventures on Hollis's blog here

Here's Hannah's perspective on the events right here

We're staying in a beautiful farmhouse in Virginia for the next few days with Dan. Here's what he's saying right here

And here's a video that Ang made of the workshop at Cape Cod. You can see what Ang has to say right here

There's so much to tell, but I have to go now and prepare clay for tomorrow's workshop. We're showing short films about our lives this evening at the opening reception, so we're a little anxious right now. It'll be fine once we get going.

Our lovely hosts, Hollis and Dee
Hannah taking a paddle in Hollis and Dee's local 'pond'
The fantastic Cape Cod Potters

Hannah doing her thing
A picnic in Washington DC yesterday
The beautiful house where we're staying
Guy Wolff, who we visited on our way from Cape Cod to Virginia. It was great to meet him

Eeeeek! This is serious! I'd better go and pug that clay, bye for now, have a nice day y'all


Alex said...

Brilliant to read your news Doug I wish I was there with you both.What an amazing poster

doug Fitch said...

Hi Alex
Great to hear from you and thanks for your comment on Hollis's blog. You've been much talked of during our workshops and appeared quite a few times in a little film about my life which I'll be showing again shortly this evening. It surely is an amazing poster! Look forward to seeing you when I get home

Tracey Broome said...

Great to see what you guys are up to! and you got to visit Guy Wolffe what a treat! Hope to see you next week

Hollis Engley said...

The tour continues. Looks like Finnegan's treating you royally. As he should. Good luck tomorrow and Sunday. I know they'll love you two.

Anna said...

I'm home now and still looking at all the pictures I took this weekend at LibertyTown. It was SO great to meet you and Hannah. Your work is wonderful, your sense of humor is still cracking me up...know you will have a great time in NC too.