Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Here are some pics of the kits.

This little fella/ess is the healthy one

Sadly this little lady isn't doing so well. She's the one that we found cold and seemingly lifeless under Luke's bed. She's still struggling to feed from her mum, so we took her to the vets this morning. The vet gave us some syringes and some formula food which we have to feed her with every two hours. She's not very good at taking it. So a long night ahead trying to save the life of this tiny little thing so that it can grow up to kill lots of tiny little things. I guess the next few hours are critical.

So I didn't get to work until late this afternoon which is pretty frustrating as I'm up against a tight deadline, but that's the way it goes sometimes. I worked on into the evening to make up for it and got all yesterday's jugs handled.

I got these harvest jugs thrown too. So lots to do tomorrow between kitten duties and a trip out early in the evening to take pots to a group exhibition that's opening this weekend at Fursdon House, then I'll put in another late night to catch up. Nearly feeding time so gotta go, cheers all.


tsbroome said...

There's a special place in heaven for you guys! Good luck with the little baby, she is precious. Your shed looks great by the way, love it!

ang said...

well done on the nursing duty, hope the little fella starts eating soon..

Jude said...

We did that last year, it's worth while if they do survive.

Peter said...

Those harvest jugs are lovely, with nice rounded (middle aged) tummies! I do enjoy the look of a freshly thrown pot.
Well done looking after the kittens (they look so fragile and small).

paul jessop said...

I like the touch about,the reality of saving a small life so it can grow up to kill other small things
Kinda puts things into perspective.

Jerry said...

Best of luck with the pots & kitties.

potrron said...

Love the little guys, best of luck with them.
Even with a heavy load you got some really nice forms out, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

nice looking jugs... good luck with the kits