Friday, 22 May 2009


Some funny little fat mugs, sprigged and slipped, loosely based on the ones made in seventeenth century Staffordshire.

Three pound jugs I made yesterday(like I need more jugs) - I've decorated some of them today with leaf resist - the lanes are full of amazing foliage at the moment and it's such an inspiration.

Yesterday evening I had a visit from a group of students from West Hertfordshire College. They were a good bunch and stayed a while - I did a harvest jug making demo for them, force dried with the gas burner and finished with a scroll handle. Here are a few of them clutching their purchases, with Marky Mark behind, ever stylish in lime green nylon. Thanks all for your support, come again some time.

It was a beautiful day today and even though I knew I needed to be making pots, I had to get outside and cut the grass - it was getting really long out there. If I don't keep on top of it, the brambles on the grassy bank under the oak tree get themselves going. It looks really pretty out there now.

As soon as the firing's over I'm going to finish off the sheds, then build some raised beds which will be stocked with plants from the marvelous Futureprimative web site, where you can purchase stunning plants, groovy soap and fabulous Matt Grimmett slipware as depicted above - check it out today. (Surely that must have earned me a discount?!)

It's going to be a working weekend, so an early start tomorrow. Moneyboxes, bowls and pressed dishes to make. Counting down to firing day, a week on Monday, when I will be assisted by the Princess of Slipware herself.

My friend Arwyn Jones, a very good potter who lives near Plymouth is coming to visit me at the workshop in the morning. I haven't seen him in ages, so I'm looking forward to catching up with him. This is a picture of one of his breadcrocks.

Happy weekends all, hope the sun shines for you.


potterboy said...

"lime green nylon" - cutting but funny :)

I cut my grass again today - keeping down the nettles hopefully - don't mind the brambles because of the obvious crop at the end of it.

All looking good, anyway.

Ron said...

Hey Doug. Hope you have a great weekend. Not much potting going on here at the moment. We need to catch up soon.
How about that Hannah!!!

doug Fitch said...

Been enjoying your posts Andrew - you're the real deal potter now, complete with knackered motor!

Yes Ron, it's great isn't it - Hannah and Andrew both with their fiery stuff going on - exciting times. Yes, we must catch up soon indeed. Have fun chaps

Hollis Engley said...

That's a satisfied-looking group of buyers you had there. Isn't that nice when it happens?

Anonymous said...