Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Had a day of clearing up today in readiness to start making again. I also got a lot more clay from the woods processed, then eased myself in with a dozen big mugs. There were some in the firing that I was really chuffed with, so I want to make a load more.

Mugs are always good to have a bit of a play with, just to try out ideas on a small scale - looking forward to having twelve of them to mess about with.

Glad to see Becky's has arrived, Ang, you're next.

Yesterday I spent at home trying to get on top of paperwork - I need to get my business more organised. Tomorrow morning more of that, then handles to put on in the afternoon.

Tomorrow night I have a free ticket to see Motorhead - maybe not my first choice of band, but I'm sure it'll be entertaining and it's always good to see blokes older than me making fools of themselves with guitars.


Becky said...

Well YOUR mug made the rounds tonight at Clayworks. And Jane was there so I got to hear all about her visit with you...once she and Susan found the "white bucket." Thank you again, Doug. That song "Magpies" is a killer!

ang said...

should i wait out by the letterbox doug?????hehehehe

Ron said...

I used to play music with a couple of brothers and sometimes out of the blue, Dennis, the singer and bass player would just shout into the mic, "ACE OF SPADES"!!!!.
We would all crack up. Such fun,those days.

jbf said...

Good to know Lemmy and the boys are still out there somewhere making it happen.