Saturday, 22 November 2008


Well the Motorhead gig was a laugh. I'd not seen so much hair and leather all in one place for a long time. I didn't really go dressed like that by the way, but a lot of people did. I didn't manage to get mole side of Lemmy either. It was a bit too much for me really, I ended up wiped out with a migraine and spent yesterday completely out of it. I haven't felt right all day today either. Too old for rock and roll - folk music for me from now on, with my pipe and slippers.

So with my admin day on Monday and yesterday delirious, this week's not been very productive - lots of mugs and that's about it. Today's been constructive, I handled and decorated the mugs - I like some of them a lot, but I need to get a lot more pots made next week. I had some bad losses again in the last firing and the only consolation was that in spite of the losses there was some good stuff too. I'm trying not to think about the losses too much, although I need to come up with a better plan for the top of the kiln - or a better kiln maybe? Too many brown pots.

Here are a couple of pictures of some 8lb jugs that came out well and a sprigged and rouletted mug.

Got my electricity bill today - need to get back to raw glazing. I was intending to with this batch of pots, all the more so now.

For some reason my camera won't transfer over so I can't show you what's been happening today. Jessica, the girl who came on work experience earlier in the year has been back with me to do some work on the wheel, I've enjoyed her company - feeling a bit fed up at the moment, just tired I think, so it was good not to be stuck with just my own head today. Anyway, a weekend off for a change, at home with the family doing not very much, but that'll be nice, it's been hectic recently.

I couldn't transfer a bit of Love Daddies footage from tonight's practice that I was going to inflict on you as the camera won't do its thing - some other time.

Have a good weekend all.


Dan Finnegan said...

Off and on as I traveled back and forth from England to the US in the late '70's I worked for a rock 'n roll producer friend of mine. After 100's of shows and w-a-a-a-a-y too much Blue Oyster Cult I can only cope with small clubs and acoustic music. It happens to the best of us!

Clay Perry said...

motorhead? damn... it's amazing that you can still hear at all.