Friday, 1 February 2008

It's Friday!

Look at the birthday card Hannah sent me! What a clean wheel tray you have Hannah(this is sliptrailed on her wheelhead). By contrast, you're likely to find old shopping trolleys, scrap cars and earthworms in mine. Thanks Hannah, it's brilliant.

My mate Cookie came to visit today and brought me one of his beautiful wooden picture frames. Cookie's the 'singer' in my band The Love Daddies. He makes extraordinary furniture from the gnarliest pieces of ancient timber that he can find. I'll get him to send me some pictures of his huge throne-like chairs to post on here at a later date for you to see. He enjoyed getting his hands dirty with a bit of clay slip.
With Cookie playing, I thought I would too, so I made some experimental slab pieces that I've been thinking about for a while. If I get brave I'll put some pictures on next week. I liked them tonight, but I'll judge them afresh on Monday.

It was good to do something different, I struggled with my throwing today because I just felt too tired and couldn't get in to it. I'm not really completely better from my illness earlier in the week, so I'll take it a bit easy this weekend and recharge. That said we're off out to Exeter tomorrow to buy Luke new football boots, then we're going to stay in town as we're going to see one of my favourite bands, Art Brut, at the Phoenix Art Centre. I haven't been to town for weeks, I'm looking forward to it, a change is as good as a rest. Poor Hil's not feeling great tonight so I hope she'll be ok in the morning.

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Ron said...

That sliptrailing from Hannah is soooo cool. What a nice gesture.
The pics above look great.