Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Mr Cardew, my great hero

Here's a clip of Michael Cardew, my great hero. What an amazing potter he was.


Ron said...


Sister Creek Potter said...

The clip is great. And your photos look so much clearer and brighter. And now I can be in touch with you--for some reason (unknown) I had trouble getting through the email maze.

Glad you are over the 'man flu'--a phrase I am not familiar with.

Don't know how I will keep up with 2 blogs--but I'll figure it out! Gay

Ron said...

I wasn't familiar with the 'man flu' either so I looked it up. Here's one definition:
man flu n. A severe cold, mistakenly self-diagnosed as the flu, particularly by a man.

I also so something that claimed that men suffer harsher symptoms of the flu than women. Hence, the distinction.

I'm thinking I can some how use this to my advantage at some point.

Hannah said...

Lovely film Doug, it just caused me top burn my crumpets as I forgot all about them under the grill.

Matt Grimmitt said...

I can't help but hear your Sid Tustin impression, " Michael Cardew was a very clever man " in my head, and it's very true! I wish there was many more Cardew clips to look at.

doug Fitch said...

Hi Gay
Yes, I mailed you a couple of times to thank you for that amazing little book. I read it cover to cover and I love it. It was very special getting it through the post, it makes all this virtual stuff real when you get an ebnvelope with real writing on it. I was really touched that you should think to send it to me and I'll treasure it.